I was born in Sri Racha, Thailand (famous for its hot sauce) brought up in Norwich (famous for its mustard)  and can now be found in Walthamstow, London (famous for its dogs). Essentially, I’m a hotdog. 


When I attended Norwich University of the Arts, studying Graphic Design, I was known for my Mr Scruff inspired stickers and t-shirts. Now I work on Oxford Street for a design agency and in my spare time, I paint. I always listen to music whilst I paint, which informs my a jazz-inspired, vibrant abstract style, with heavy influences from by Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jon Burgerman. 


As well as the prints and hand-painted pieces in my shop, I also take commissions. I am also a filmmaker and animator and always looking for projects to combine my various skills. 


Feel free to get in touch!